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Zenia Marroquin

CEO/Operations Manager

Zenia has her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Phoenix and a Masters of Education from the University of Texas Pan American. She cofounded ZMS Consulting, Inc. with her husband Mateo in 2015, and has since gained acclaim as one of Texas' leading freight brokers, a leader in transport infrastructure, and the State of Texas' TAFS Ambassador. 
In 2009, Zenia was Latina Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Mateo Salazar 


Mateo has over thirty years of experience in the freight industry, specializing in transport logistics and the transport of oil and gas. He Cofounded MZS Express with his wife, Zenia Marroquin and has developed a revolutionary infrastructure that has now paved the way for freight management companies across the country.
As Chief Financial Officer, he developed an investment structure that has allowed hundreds of thousands of drivers to start their own companies, and develop them into the corporations they are today.

Zebastian Duchene

Director of Administrative Structure

Zebastian has his Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and is perusing his JD from Saint Mary's University School of Law. He began his career as a head consultant in the development of the acclaimed infrastructure that has gained ZMS Consulting its unique position in the freight industry. He specializes in corporate organization and oversees the development of internal organizational growth. 
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