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  • The confirmation is a contract between the broker and the carrier that contains the details of a load.

  • The information contain in it is commonly the load's: pay rate, weight, length, height, commodity & pick-up/delivery dates.

  • It's important to read the rate confirmation completely.


  • The BOL is the key to getting paid for the load. 

  • It is the load's proof of delivery, it contains the commodity, pick-up & delivery address and must be signed by both the shipper and receiver.

  • Its important to make sure:

    • all 4 corners of each page of the BOL are visible​

    • all words on the page are clearly printed, not blurry

    • there is a shipper signature and receiver signatures for each delivery location.

    • no light, reflection, shadow or marking is covering any information. 

    • to send all pages, if corner of BOL page lists pages 1of4, all 4 pages are needed. Even if blank.

    • After delivery, the load's BOL, in PDF format needs to be emailed to MZS.MYBOL@GMAIL.COM 

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